Course Rules

Course Rules 4×4

1.   All drivers must hold a current UK valid driving licence. No drink driving.
2.   A speed limit of 10mph MUST be observed at all times. Car park limit 5mph.
3.   Seat belts must be fitted and worn at all times, the number of occupants in the vehicle on the off road course must not exceed the number of seats with seat belts.
4.   No standing on the back of vehicles is permitted on or off the marked off road course.
5.   Children under 16 must be accompanied at all times by an adult.
6.   Dogs must be kept on a lead and in control at all times.
7.   Children under 16 must either be secured in a suitable child seat or be capable of using an adult seat belt at all times when using the off road course.
8.   Spectators must keep clear of the off road courses at all times, standing on the track at any point is not permitted.
9.   The Red course can be dangerous and care should be taken when tracks are marked Red.
10. The Black course is dangerous and should only be attempted by vehicles fitted with a Full Roll cage and Harness seat belts; everyone MUST wear a crash helmet on the Black tracks (vehicles not suitable will be removed from the Black tracks!).
11. The course is designed to run on a one way system, do not drive round the wrong way.



1.  The course shall consist of mainly rough tracks. Please note the course may be open to other users and to be treated as a ONE WAY ROUTE
2.  You must satisfy yourself by walking the track to ensure it is acceptable to you with regarding its features and physical layout and if at any time you become unhappy with any feature or layout you will leave the site

3.  Speed limit of 10mph MUST be observed at all times on the course, 5mph in the car park area

4.  You must be competent to participate, no drugs or alcohol are allowed

5.  Spectators must keep clear of the course at all times, standing on the track at any time is not permitted

6.  Suitable off road clothing must be worn: Helmet / Goggles/ Knee Length Boots /Long Sleeves & Trousers / Body Armour (optional) / Gloves in leather or other approved material must be worn

7.  Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times


The management of this site reserve the right to refuse or revoke admission to anyone acting in violation of the above rules or acting unsafely in any way.

Please note that we do not promote or hire for motorsport competition, practice or practice for competition, race, or trials.